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High performance open and closed cell insulation systems

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WALLTITE Spray / Injection Insulation

Advanced Spray Foam Insulation are accredited BASF FOAM MASTER contractors. As such we are certified to carry out both spray and cavity wall injection installations with WALLTITE closed cell spray and injection foam.
WALTITE has a low thermal conductivity and high vapour resistivity making it particularly suitable as a high performance insulation system and so providing the building owner with superior performance combined with complete airtightness and strength. WALLTITE
spray insulation system provides a fast and easy apply alternative to more traditional methods of insulating.

Advanced Insulation can happily discuss the suitable of WALLTITE for your project. Please feel free to contact Mairtin Driver at any time on 087 6396593.


FOAM-LOK Spray Foam

Advanced Insulation are also registered installers of Lapolla FOAM-LOK open cell spray foam insulation. Open cell foams are traditionally used where high rates of breathability are required. New and refurbishment roof structures along with Timber Frame wall build ups are considered typical applications for this type of spray foam.
FOAM-LOK locks in energy savings by providing insulation to the building envelope while at the same time providing an airtight structure.
This advanced insulation system is spray applied to any shape and substrate. It seals the building envelope to reduce heat transfer through the wall,  floor and roof structure.

Please contact Mairtin on 087 6396593 for further inforamtion.