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WALLTITE for Slates & Tiles

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BASF WALTITE closed cell foam can be applied directly to the underside of a slate or tile roof . In all applications of this nature it is important that the existing roof covering is made water-tight prior to the spraying process. In the event that water passes though the slate or tile covering it will normally lodge between the roof covering and the water resistant foam and so any leak may go undetected.

It is also important to note that this process will significantly increase the attachment of the slates or tile covering. With this in mind the likelihood of future alterations to the roof to include the removal of the slates or tiles should be considered. WALLTITE can be applied between roof rafters, between and under roof rafters and between ceiling joists.


Application Procedure

A site survey must be performed by Advanced Insulation in order to establish is preliminary repairs are required. Repairs should be made to structural timbers, and to slates and tiles. Decaying timbers should be renewed and missing slates tiles should be replaced or repositioned.

WALLTITIE is applied between rafters beginning at the eaves and working towards the ridge area in a “flash coat” of less than 10mm in thickness. This ensures that the void between the roof covering and the upper face of the rafter is completely filled. Subsequent coats not exceeding 20mm in thickness are applied until the desired final thickness has been achieved.

WALLTITE is BBA Agrément certified for this application.