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FOAM-LOK Insulation

FOAM-LOK Spray Foam

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OAM-LOK open cell spray foam insulation provides a cost effective fully breathable insulation solution.

Manufactured by Lapolla Industries it is installed by Advanced Insulation as a trained and registered contractors. Advanced undergo regular audit to ensure that installations are carried out in line with the appropriate Part L insulation and Part F ventilation regulation requirements.

FOAM-LOK will provide a sealed thermal and airtight building envelope, eliminating heat loss and creating a comfortable healthier indoor environment.

Less energy will be employed with FOAM-LOK insulation to heat or cool the building saving up to 50% on monthly costs and keeping conditioned air inside and unconditioned air out.

FOAM-LOK at a glance.

FOAM-LOK spray foam is an air barrier but not a vapour barrier and will manage moisture migration through the wall or roof structure.
Thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/mk (Lambda 90/90).
Euroclass E fire rating as a stand alone product. This is unique to open cell spray foam insulation types.
Class C sound absorption at 160mm.
ETA (European Technical Approval) and BBA (British Board of Agrément) certified with pending NSAI approval.
FOAM-LOK is CE marked.