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Air Tightness

Heat-loss and Draughts

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“Air leakage is the uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric of a building (sometimes referred to as infiltration or draughts). This is not to be confused with ventilation, which should be a controlled flow of air into and out of the building through purposed built ventilators and is required for the comfort of the occupants and by building control. Controlled ventilation is ordinarily provided by passive wall vents , demand controlled ventilation or a heat recovery system.

The increasing need for higher energy efficiency in buildings and the need in future to demonstrate compliance with more stringent Building Regulations targets means that airtightness has become a major performance issue. The aim should be to ‘Build tight- ventilate right’. The video below should go some way towards demonstrating the benefits of utilising an airtight insulation system.