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WALLTITE for Dry-Lined Walls

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WALLTITE can be applied directly onto a solid masonry wall, between either timber or metal Dryling insulation-timber stud-work without the need for traditional adhesion promotors or mechanical fixings.Condensation problems associated with traditional forms of dry-lining to not apply to the WALLTITE system as there are no gaps between the insulation layer and the masonry substrate and so vapour cannot get to the cold masonry surface where it would otherwise condense.

WALLTITE guarantees additional support and stability for the whole of the stud frame construction.

The resulting continuous insulation and air barrier system will provide a cleaner, healthier more comfortable environment.

Application Procedure

WALLTITE is spray applied between either metal or timber stud-work to the required thickness. It is important that any stud work is fixed 25mm out form the masonry wall. This will have the effect or reducing heat loss further. Ordinarily this is achived by fixing stud work to floor and ceiling. Mechanical and electrical services can be fixed in the service cavity between the foam and the finished plasterboard.


WALLTITIE is BBA and NSAI Agrément certified for this application.