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WALLTITE Spray Insulation

WALLTITE closed cell spray foam insulation is manufactured locally by BASF Polyurethanes at their manufacturing facility in Alfreton, UK. With its low thermal conductivity and high vapour resistivity WALLTITE provides the building owner with superior performance combined with complete airtightness and strength. This high performance spray insulation system provides a fast and easy apply alternative to more traditional methods of insulating.


Key benefits

WALLTITE spray foam insulation can be applied onto virtually any substrate and offers significant benefits over other insulations.

  • Adheres well to breather membranes and even roof tiles (this will helps stabilise the roof structure and prevent tiles slippage).
  • Typical thermal conductivity of 0.025 W/mk (lambda 90/90).
  • Can be applied to solid walls, cavity walls, roofs, soffits and floors.
  • Cures rapidly so no waiting time.
  • Provides a seamless form of insulation and an airtight barrier.
  • Class 1 fire rating.


Advanced Insulation are registered BASF FOAM MASTER contraactors of WALLTITE spary and injection foma insulaation sytems and have undergne training at the BASF UK head office in Alfreton. Advanced undergo regular audit as required by BASF.